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1. Pick-up points:-
Clandon - Clandon Park
Farnham Sortheath. - Shortheath Road/School Hill – bus stop at crossroads
Farnham B.R. - Farnham Railway Station – Northside

2. Parking at Hatchlands or Clandon Park
Members are reminded that whilst on trips, parking at Hatchlands or Clandon Park is a privilege, granted at the discretion of the Administrator, and may be withdrawn if the following request is not complied with.
A note identifying you as a West Surrey Centre member should be left on the dashboard at either venue.

Parking at Hatchlands, unless otherwise instructed by the "Gatekeeper" on the day, please park closely together on the grass area to the left as you approach the main car park - if necessary park behind other vehicles if space is limited. You must not park in the main or overflow car parks unless instructed on the day.
If the gate is not open when you arrive, we strongly advise that you do not wait on the A246 as this can cause a traffic hazard. There are lay-bys etc nearby where you could wait.

Parking at Clandon
Please park closely together along the parking line, on your left as you enter the car park, which follows the curve of the main driveway between the entrance to the car park and the kiosk. Any overflow cars should park closely together along one of the parking lines on your right (and at right angles to the first arrivals) preferably the first line on the right hand side i.e. furthest from the kiosk but nearest to the coach area.

3. Please remember to bring your National Trust card on visits to N.T. properties. If you cannot show it, when requested, you may be required to pay any entrance charges.

4. Guidance notes for use when booking events and organisers’ addresses are given at the end of this programme.


Regrettably, we are unable to offer walks in this programme. Whilst we have members who are willing to lead a walk, we no longer have anyone to co-ordinate these for the programme. If you would like to volunteer to cover this role, please contact a member of the Committee whose details are on the back cover of the programme booklet.

It is regretted that coaches cannot wait for late comers for coach outings. Please do not phone Hatchlands Park or Clandon if, at short notice, you are unable to come or to arrive in time for departure.

Please ensure that you comply with the request made at the beginning of this booklet regarding parking.


Printed booking slips, enclosed with this programme, should be used for any of the events in the programme. Separate booking slips and cheques must be sent for each event. Extra booking slips are obtainable from the Secretary or you could photocopy the enclosed sheet before you fill it in. Please make cheques payable to WEST SURREY NATIONAL TRUST CENTRE. Please do not use staples of any size.
If, after 3 weeks your cheque has been cashed but you have not received your ticket, please phone the trip organiser.

It is regretted that no refunds can be made unless a member’s ticket is passed to someone on the waiting list for a particular visit. If you have to cancel, please telephone the organiser of that event to see if there is a waiting list.

If you are on a waiting list your name and telephone number will be given to the cancelling member so they can make direct contact to find a replacement. If you do not wish these to be disclosed please indicate this on your booking slip.

Reservations may not be made by telephone although enquiries are welcome. Once programmes have been out for about two weeks it is advisable to telephone for availability before sending cheques.
In order to minimise the effects of postal delays, organisers will allow ten days after the mailing before allocating tickets. Random draws will be made for over-subscribed events. Applications should be made promptly.

Please remember to carry your National Trust membership card when the visit is to a National Trust property.

Members should be aware that on all coach outings there may be hazards such as slippery floors, steep slopes, awkward or uneven steps, busy roads to cross etc.

If you have a sight or mobility difficulty you should book with a member of the Centre who is able to help you as the organisers and other participants cannot be responsible.

While every effort will be made to keep to the published programme, it must be understood that as arrangements are made so far in advance it is not always possible to be exact over timings and circumstances may dictate changes which may be made at the discretion of the organiser.

Please do not use mobile phones on the coach unless absolutely necessary.

Members are advised that there is no insurance cover provided by the West Surrey Centre or the National Trust. You are strongly advised to make your own insurance arrangements.